Welcome to Castelrotto.

An 18th-century villa looking out over a breath-taking valley, where the soil has been producing great wines since time immemorial. We are in Valpolicella, but in a truly special part, where the climate, wind, and sunshine create unique, ideal conditions that cannot be found elsewhere. It is a magical hill, where the choice has always been to leave the vines to take their time, cultivating them with traditional methods, according to nature. Our organic wine is not a trend, it’s a passion

The estate

Ancient cypress trees, traditional chestnuts, a small lake leading into the woods, and a hidden spring, inside a cave.

The 18th-century estate of Tenuta Villa Bellini, surrounded by its beautifully preserved, intact “brolo” [walled garden]. The estate, which nestles in the terraced hills of Castelrotto, enjoys absolutely stunning views out over Valpolicella. This area is known the world over for the quality and traditions of its wine making, which here has achieved new heights in terms of authenticity, originality and creativity