The Vineyards.

Our estate is a treasure trove, an extraordinary maze of different soil types and growing methods. The vineyards of the Tenuta Villa Bellini cover four hectares of land, all surrounded by walls. We have always grown our wines organically and made them exclusively with our own grapes, for a wine with an absolutely typical character.


We have always made sure to grow our wine organically, taking the needs of each piece of land into account. Day after day, we are committed to maintaining the biodiversity, flora and fauna naturally present in our “brolo” [walled garden], with particular care and attention going to our monumental vines.
More details
The vineyards are about 150 metres above sea level, with eastern and south-eastern exposure, and are grown on the naturally hilly slopes of Castelrotto. Our land is rich in a variety of soils of different origin and composition. Limestone and the presence of deep-water sources have a marked influence on the structure and aromatic profile of our wines.

We use a mixed system to train our vines: pergola - with a planting density of 3,300 plants/hectare -  and vertical espalier - with 10,000 vines/hectare. Lastly, the age of the vines ranges from 20 to over 100 years.

We mainly grow native varieties from Valpolicella: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Molinara, and we also grow a few old Veronese grape varieties that we add to create the precious and rich complexity that is such a distinctive characteristic of our wines and the elegant hallmark style of Villa Bellini.